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Agrigento, founded by the Greeks in 580bc with the name of Akragas, and dominated for 370 years ca.
In 210bc the Romans invaded, changing the name to Agrigentum:- In 829ad the Arabs arrived changing the name to Kerkent. In 1927 under Fascist rule the Latin name was revived and was called Agrigento. A tourist destination of great importance especially for the museum and the famous Valley of the Temples. In 1998 it was nominated in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour includes visits to the museum and the ruins of the temples (Concordia, Hercules, Olympian Zeus, Juno, Athena).

Piazza Armerina, also known as the city of mosaics, is world famous for the Roman Villa del Casale (UNESCO).
The town is in the centre of Sicily at 700m above sea level and is surrounded by forests and natural landscapes..
The city centre is Baroque, with a Cathedral which dominates the town centre with it’s narrow medieval streets and Renaissance buildings, e.g. Trigona Palace, Bishops Palace, Aragonese Castle.


Piazza Armerina