Tour of unknown Sicily - Car rental with chauffeur - Taormina - Sperlinga - Gangi - Brolo - Novara di Sicilia - Montalbano Elicona - Geraci Siculo - Castelbuono

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The most beautiful Italian towns in Sicily

One day excursions

Sperlinga and Gangi


Departure from Taormina for Sperlinga, small town (1000 inhabitants) renowned for the houses carved in the rocks, as is it’s Castle carved not on the rock but inside the rock.
The journey continues to Gangi, a beautiful town rich with architectural and artistic value, such as Bongiorno Palace-Ventimiglia Castle and numerous churches , in particular the Church of the Holy Spirit. Arrival in Taormina early evening.

Brolo and San Marco D'Alunzio


Departure from Taormina to Brolo, picturesque town overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, known for the castle which overlooks the “Plorau” (wailing) rock. This town gives the impression of being back in the middle ages.
The tour continues to San Marco D’Alunzio, small town 548m above sea level which overlooks the Eolian Islands, Capo D’Orlando and Cefalù. The town named Alotion by the Greeks, Haluntium by the Romans, Demenna by the Byzantines ans San Marco by the Normans, took the name of San Marco D’Alunzio in 1867. The tour includes visits to the Temple of Hercules, the ruins of the Normann Castle, the narrow medieval streets, the Byzantine frescos , the sculptures of Serpotta and Gangini , all as a testimony to the towns ancient glory. Re-entry at Taormina early evening.

Novara di Sicilia and Montalbano Elicona

Novara di Sicilia

Departure from Taormina to Novara di Sicilia, a small town in the Nebrodi and peloritane mountains. The town is of prehistoric origin, inhabited by the Sicans, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and was also dominated by the Lombards. Rich in History and artistic beauty.
The tour continues in Montalbano Elicona, another beautiful small town steeped in history. The XII century Castle, museum, the various Churches with their works of art, and narrow streets show the signs of the many domineering forces over time. Rich in naturalistic beauty. Return to Taormina early evening.

Geraci Siculo and Castelbuono


Departure from Taormina to Geraci Siculo capital city of the oldest and biggest Sicilian County, inhabited in prehistoric times ( ruins of the copper/iron age have been found). Dominated by Ventimiglia (1252-1812) Geraci was a State with their own Justice and Monetary system. The main monuments to visit are, the Castle of Ventimiglia, the Well of the Holy Spirit, the Cappuccine Convent, and various Churches.
The tour continues in Castelbuono, nearby town also inhabited by Ventimiglia, who built a Castle on the ruins of a Byzantine Fortress on Saint Peter’s Mount at 423m above sea level in1316ca. Pastries made from the fruit of the Ash tree with herbal and medicinal properties are on sale and are famous the world over. Re-entry to Taormina early evening.